Spiritual Mentoring

Spiritual mentoring is the pathway of growth and transformation

I offer spiritual mentoring through Soul Growth Bootcamp coaching packages. This is an amazing process where we go deeper into soul level work and use spiritual guidance from the Akashic Records and other spiritual resources in combination with life coaching tools to help you:

  • shift your blocks.
  • navigate life and spiritual transitions, planetary shifts and souls lessons.
  • align with your soul’s path and purposes.
  • recognize your spiritual gifts, infinite potential and understand how to manifest and create the reality you desire.Ultimately it is about empowerment, wholeness, discovering your inner Divine being and experiencing fulfillment, self-growth, personal transformation and spiritual development that is so accelerated at this time that we are asked to tap into the multidimensional way of living.

I am here to meet you exactly where you are. There is no specific formula that works for every person, that is why the process is so unique and the packages are custom made.The only thing that is required is your commitment.

What is included

I offer two different packages:

One Month Mini Soul Growth Bootcamp and a 90-day Soul Growth Bootcamp.

Both packages include:


  • (4) 60 min mentoring sessions a month.
  • Unlimited e-mail support.
  • Akashic readings and channeled guidance sessions for clarity, healing and awakening to more of possibilities.
  • Quantum healing sessions to let go and remove any energetic blocks and help you manifest.

There are limited number of spots available for mentoring each month. I only consider beings that are highly committed to themselves and their path and the ones I can really assist. Before you we make that sacred commitment to each other, we both want to make sure that we are a match both personally and spiritually. That is why I recommend we have a complimentary 30 min Soul Growth Strategy session during which we will explore:

  • Where you are in your soul’s and personal journey and what you can do next to move yourself forward.
  • Identify where your blocks really are how to address them.
  • Find some pathways, tools and strategies that can help you along the way.

If we are a match, at the end of the session I will present you the two options and you can decide which one fits you the most. If not, at least you will have some clarity and I can certainly recommend some of my colleagues or resources you can turn to.


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