Private Consultations

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Consultations are for you if you are:

  • Looking for clarity and guidance about a challenge or a situation.
  • Struggling with the same blocks and patterns that are negatively impacting your life.
  • Wanting to open to new possibilities and go beyond your limitations to manifest what you truly desire.

Personal Consultations are 60 min Akashic Records readings and Divine channeling sessions. It is an experience of your own Akashic Records where we look at your human story and your challenges, patterns and blocks from a point of the soul and the perspective of the Akashic field. That perspective offers not only an insight and information, but healing and empowerment. You are awakening your true Divine potential where you see other possibilities and reality that is available to you and that pushes you past your old limitations. The samples of the consultations are available below

Consultation Samples

Rates and Booking

Individual consultations are $150 NOW $90
Special pricing from July 1st to Dec 30th, 2019


How to prepare for the consultation

You must be 18 to receive a reading. This is considered the age of spiritual maturity. You won’t be under your parents’ karmic umbrella and are able to fully benefit from the reading.

The consultation will resemble spiritual counseling session or a channeled conversation.

It is driven by the story of the current circumstances and your questions. I recommend you have at least a few of them ready in advance (or one if you are in a group). The best questions are specific open-end questions starting with (Who, What, Why, How).

You are already an evolved being and the information that comes through the consultation will matter to you not only on human but soul level. It is important you stay open minded and understand that whatever is said is for your highest and best good.

You have an option to take notes or record your consultation.

What not to expect

Just a reminder, this consultation is not a psychic reading and I don’t give out predictions. You are a Divine Creator being and more than capable of using your free will, so the consultation is about empowering you to make the decisions that will serve you the most.

The consultation is also not a past life regression. We won’t be looking at who you were in other realities (lives)unless the pattern attached to your issue originated there, so that you can observe it and let it go as it is no longer helpful.

The loved ones may show up in the consultation and these can be souls who are on the other side of the veil related to you in consciousness and who are about your spiritual development, so not just family members. We can’t call upon them like in a mediumship session.

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