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Written Praise From Anika’s Clients

Anika’s professionalism and guidance highly exceeded my expectations. Her attention to detail helped extensively to find my purpose and get my career and personal life back in synch. I’m now successfully on my way to maintaining a positive, balanced and more fulfilling lifestyle that I had ever imagined. She is truly a wonderful asset to everyone she helps.

Mary Ann Powers, Las Vegas, NV

My Akashic consultation with Anika exceeded my expectations. Being an intuitive myself, I was amazed at the insight that I got from the reading. Not only was did it help me understand the real nature of my issues, but it also gave me a boost of positive energy and motivation. If you ever looking wondering where to go for a spiritual intuitive reading for some guidance, I would highly recommend Anika and her Akashic consultations.

Yanet De La Rosa, Las Vegas, NV

My experience with Anika was great! She helped me tune in to my inner truth and creative passions that I have been neglecting for a long time. I’m finally able to pursue my career as a photographer and creative writer without any fears and stigmas I was dealing with before. I’m enjoying my new found confidence and hope to work with Anika in the future.

Marouf Khan, Atlanta, GA

After my divorce, I went to counseling but was disappointed. It felt lost that nothing was fitting any longer, including my career path. That’s when a friend referred me to Anika. I’ve learned that these events actually positively impacted and allowed me to start exploring my real passions and purpose. I needed to make sense and find new direction and that is what Akashic consultations with Anika did for me. I went from being “broken” to feeling more alive than ever. I switched industries and I’m now happier and more relaxed in my work and relationships I have with my kids and even my ex-wife. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Nashville, TN

Anika Ray’s ability to connect with me was amazing! I recently had an Akashic consultation with her and it was through that process that I was finally able to work through blocks I had reached in my work. She was able to help me get to the core of my issues and help me move forward. Not only that, but she was to bring so much clarity about my path and help me bring together all aspects of my work. Would I book another Akashic consultation with Anika again? Absolutely! I highly recommend her.

Las Vegas, NV

I deeply appreciated the information Anika gave me during the readings.This type of experience is a deep soul type of counseling about your life.After every reading I feel less confused and have a greater understanding about things that have been troublesome.This type of counseling is something we are all searching for and it is absolutely pure.

Las Vegas, NV

I was a little skeptical at first, but then the information Anika was giving me from the Book of Life or the Akashic Records really changed my opinion. It was then that I found out the important perspective about my health that saved it. I can’t thank her enough and since then we worked further to answer more pivotal questions in my life.

Salt Lake City, UT

I worked with Anika during a time in my life when I was contemplating a major career change in my life. I was experiencing confusion and self-doubt about what I needed to do. Working with Anika was a pivotal moment for me. I write this almost a year later to acknowledge that my goals have and continue to come to fruition based on the direction, knowledge and confidence I took from our sessions. The answers to life’s questions are already there, they are merely lying dormant to all of us; Anika’s experience and professionalism brought them back to life.

Las Vegas, NV

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