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Wherever you are on your spiritual journey there are periods of major transitions that can be very intense experiences. On a soul level you are expanding in consciousness, becoming more awake and aware and building a new reality by letting go what no longer serves you. On a human level you may start feeling confused, stuck and overwhelmed. My mission is to offer you spiritual guidance on how to navigate these periods, but also to help you awaken more of your wholeness, light, Divine potential, purpose and mastery to create what you truly desire.

I am naturally intuitive, but I specialize in the soul level work and channeled guidance by consciously tapping into powerful spiritual resources and dimensions like the Akashic Records and Ascended Masters in combination with my traditional coaching and healing training.

The Akashic Records or Akashic library is best described as the library of the soul as it contains the information about each soul’s journey but it also allows us to access the Divine energy, perspective and infinite past, present and future possibilities. Ultimately it is a catalyst for personal and spiritual transformation!
The Ascended Masters are soul’s Divine council, Light beings and aspects of the Divine that are interested in your personal and spiritual development. The channeled guidance they offer is about activating different layers of consciousness and transmitting frequencies to boost human experience and support the unprecedented shift that is happening on the planet today.

If you are interested in working together I recommend starting with the Consultations/Akashic Records reading & Divine channeling sessions

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