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Wherever you are on your spiritual journey there are periods of major and powerful transitions when you are expanding in consciousness, becoming more awake and aware and building a new reality by letting go what no longer serves you. On a soul level this growth is amazing, but as human that can be a very intense experience. You may start feeling confused, stuck and overwhelmed. Some areas or your entire life can feel out of balance and alignment. My mission is to guide you on how to navigate these periods, but also to help you awaken more of your wholeness, light, Divine potential, purpose and mastery to create what you truly desire.

I am naturally intuitive and a conscious channel, but I specialize in the soul level work and use a variety of spiritual light tools and resources like the Akashic Records and Ascendant Masters in combination with my traditional coaching and healing training.

I offer several different services and avenues that may be supportive to you at different times. You may be drawn to one or several, either way I am happy to be the catalyst for your personal and spiritual transformation!

Consultations/Akashic Records reading & Divine channeling sessions
Spiritual mentoring/ Soul’s purpose and Divine mastery training
Private Akashic Records certifications, events and classes

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