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Do you feel stuck in the same place in your life?
Are having trouble creating and manifesting what you truly desire?
Do you deeply desire to break free from limitations and find out what is possible for you?

I am Anika Ray, conscious channel and spiritual coach. I mentor heart­-centered, conscious women and men like yourself on how to unleash your Divine potential, your mastery and create the live you truly desire by removing limitations or patterns of illusions that are holding you back. What does that mean? These are karmic energetic imprints that you carry around in your consciousness that are yours, ancestral and from the collective, your sacred wounds that keep you stuck in the same place of fear and lack. Ultimately, you feel separate from the Divine, disconnected from your Divine or Higher self and all of what is possible for you never happens.

I specialize in the soul level work, Akashic Records and in working with light tools and Ascendant Masters because it allows me to get to the core of your issues faster, where healing occurs organically and makes it easier to facilitate and follow through with the transformation.

To start working with me the initial step is a personal consultation. It creates an awareness of what is really behind your challenges and point out their origin. It is your pathway for clarity and a beginning of a road to powerful shifts.


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