anika-rayI’m Anika Ray, Intuitive & Spiritual life coach/mentor, Akashic Records  specialist. Wherever you are on your personal and spiritual path,occasionally you may get stuck or overwhelmed.I know that at moment you search for clarity, wisdom, relief and a way to move forward. I have been there myself and until I found the connection to my own spirit and started to work on deep soul levels it was hard for me to find true healing and transformation or even answer to purpose. I realized that in partnership with the Divine, I could change the outlook on life and create the extraordinary reality for myself.It is my honor and privilege to assist you through my one on one Akashic/soul level consultations, life purpose coaching programs and live workshops and classes, to help you find clarity, guidance and powerful breakthroughs, so that you can let go of what no longer serves you and ultimately turn your life into a meaningful soul driven journey filled with light, abundance and purpose!

What Clients Say

Anika is truly a very gifted intuitive and Akashic Records reader. I have been her client for many years and the guidance I received every time she read for me helped me move into a right direction. I can’t thank her enough and I will continue working with her in the future.
Nancy Waldron, Las Vegas, NV
Coaching with Anika was very enlightening. Anika is very compassionate and genuine in her work. I got to the bottom of my emotional issues that were stopping me from following my true path and found great relief. Thank you.
David J. Hartley, Las Vegas, NV
My experience of coaching with Anika was great! She helped me tune in to my inner truth and creative passions that I have been neglecting for a long time. I’m finally able to pursue my career as a photographer and creative writer without any fears and stigmas I was dealing with before. I’m enjoying my new found confidence and hope to work with Anika on furthering my personal brand.
Marouf Khan, Atlanta, GA
I received an Akashic reading from Anika over the phone and it was a wonderful experience. In addition to being a gifted reader, Anika is a warm, compassionate, knowledgeable and genuine human being. I’ve always struggled with issues with self-worth and self-judgment in my life, and right away Anika was able to get to the core of the issues and shed light on them. We were able to explore the root causes of my old energy patterns and how I could overcome them. Interestingly many of the answers I received from her were similar to those I received from different healers over the years which only confirms how accurate and insightful Anika is. Through our conversation, I was able to gain clarity and encouragement to proceed with certain decisions in my life. I could not praise Anika enough for her gifts, her professionalism and most importantly, her loving energy. And I highly recommend her to those who are interested in gaining a broader perspective on what’s holding them back in their lives so they can make conscious choices from a place of love and authenticity. Thank you again Anika for being the light for others!
Juliet Tang, New York, NY